The price for your individually made wig is based on your selected wishes, so the price varies depending on the effort and extravagance.

High Quality Synthetic Lacefront Wigs


  • Each wig in stock has an HD lace front in different sizes (13*3-13*6) depending on your preference
  • Natural hairline in different shapes
  • High-quality, heat-resistant synthetic hair up to over 200 degrees
  • The cap is adjustable in size and adapts perfectly to any head shape.
  • All wigs can be ordered up to 65 inches upon request

Wig Prices

0-15 Inches

60 €

25-16 Inches

80 €

30-26 Inches

100 €

ab 30 Inches

Price on request

Pricing List

Styling Basic price

up to 30 inches, without hairpieces, bases, extensions, etc.

per Wig

130 €

Styling for extra length Wigs

from 30 inches (possible up to 65 inches)

per Wig

from 160 €

Substructure production

variable depending on size

per Piece

from 30 €

Synthetic hair extension

available in all colors

per Bunch

20 €

Hairpiece production

Fan, wave, roll, horns, bow and much more...

per Piece

from 30 €


Rhinestones and pearls in all colors

based on quantity

from 60 €

Hair accessories

Hair clips, bows, hair clips, rivets and much more.

per Piece

from 5 €

Shipping within the EU

Insured up to €500

depends on the country

from 20 €

Shipping outside the EU

International Shipping/Worldwide

depends on the country

Price at request